October 9: NO ACF

Hello everyone!

Another ACF Retreat has come and passed and we definitely experienced God together; a big thank you to everyone who came and shared life and learning together! For those of you who weren’t able to come to retreat and heard of all the amazing stories…well FEAR NOT! ACF Winter Retreat is coming in the new year from January 29-31, with more details to follow!

We would also to like to extend our gratitude to the speaker, our counselors for their support, the worship team members, Bible study/small group leaders, Xena for that beautiful handbook and the FOOD COMMITTEE. We did not get a chance to show them our appreciation for the hours of preparation before and during retreat! And of course, we should continually thank our Lord for the work He is doing in ACF, for unifying us and giving us a weekend of repentance and refocusing!

So the main point of this e-mail is this: THERE IS NO ACF THIS FRIDAY because of Thanksgiving.

But when is the next ACF then?

October 16th will be our first ACF back, and we’ll be having a Photo Scavenger Hunt! Come prepared with Bibles, cameras and warm clothes!


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