October 23rd, 2009: Bible Study

Hi everyone!

Congratulations to the winning group of the photoscavenger hunt for their brilliant take on Jesus’ ascension and sitting at the right hand of God. We hope you all had a fun night and took something home from the devotional given by Tiff. This coming Friday, we will be doing a Bible study examining how we can love God to build upon the first Bible study about why we should love God. And as always, it’ll be the same time, same place: B&G 0153 at 7:00PM!

There are also a few things we would like to highlight:

1) The Abolition Project

There is an announcement posted on the Community News page of this website regarding information about a club of which our very own ACF sister, Janine Tsui, is an exective member of. This club promotes The Abolition Project against human trafficking and was formed out of the need to take action against such acts by promoting awareness of what is happening. Check it out!

2) Koin Groups: finally formed and ready to go!

Also posted on the Community News page are the Koin Groups. If your group does not have one individual in bold, you’ll need to select a leader as soon as possible and e-mail us! The groups are set! May the encouraging, blessing and fellowship begin!

3) Coffeehouse: performers needed!

Coffeehouse is coming up quick! It will be held on Sunday, November 8th at the Spoke from 6:30-8:30 PM. Admission is free and snacks will be provided; we encourage you to bring your friends and help out! The theme of the Coffeehouse is “…your move.” which is a question we want to pose to the audience after telling them about the grace of God in sending His Son to die for us and give us the gift of eternal life. We are still looking for “acts” so if you wanted to share your testimony, sing a song, do a skit, write a poem or anything else that’s coffeehouse-like, send us an e-mail and we’d love to schedule you in! Please be praying for this event as it is one of our major events for reaching the lost! Thanks!


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