Let the games begin… + IMPORTANT NOTE!

Hey ACF!
Are you thinking of missions? Are you thinking of a fun, relaxing night of games? Well if you’re thinking of either, both or neither, you should come out to ACF this Friday! Half of the night will be a missions sharing by a group from OMF and the other half of the night will be a games night: Battle of the Years. If you remember the good times at last year’s initiation/deinitiation night, you won’t want to miss this one.
We’ll be having the event at the same time and place as every other Friday: Biological and Geological Sciences Room 0153 at 7:00PM.

  1. Due to the LTC strike, we are asking if there are any drivers who are willing to be a “shuttle” from various parts of campus/town to the ACF room. If you would like to offer your car as a shuttle, please contact us so we can send your contact information to the rest of ACF so that they know who to contact.
  2. IF you will already be on campus on Friday, we encourage you to STAY on campus until ACF as we would like to minimize the number of trips the shuttles would need to take.
  3. IF you are off campus and will need a ride, please directly contact those individuals who have offered up their cars as shuttles directly.
  4. The list of drivers:
Nick Hung – Masonville Area
Jeffany Yam – South London
Erin Chia – Wherever
Josh Chan – Wonderland & Oxford
Grace Leung* – Summit
Jason Tam** – Wherever
*is leaving early for ACF ~6:15
**is giving rides FROM ACF

Thanks! See you this Friday!


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