Nov 27: Speaker – Ron Burdock

The year is coming to a close…so we really hope you’d join us for the last bit of ACF before the Christmas holidays! This Friday, we’re having a speaker, Ron Burdock from North Park Community Church, come in to speak to us and wrap up this semester. If you recall the theme of this year, “God’s Love” and the ways we’ve discussed it, regarding why we should love God and how we can love God…OR if you DON’T recall the theme or anything that was spoken about, this is a great way to get a final recap/summary of what we’ve learned. The time and location of this gathering will be the usual: 7PM at the Biological and Geological Sciences Room 0153!

Just another quick note on shuttles:
•    Due to the ongoing bus strike, we would like to ask all the individuals who were shuttles last week to please help out again. If you are unavailable this time to help out as a shuttle, please let us know, so we can take your name of the website.
•    If there are any other individuals who would like to help out as a shuttle, feel free to shoot us an e-mail with your contact info and geographic location.
•    If you live far off campus and require a ride, please contact those individuals directly and arrange a time to be picked up; their names/contact info are posted on the website.
•    Finally, if you are planning to be on campus already, please stay on campus so that we can minimize the number of trips the drivers will need to make. Thanks!

Nick Hung – Masonville Area

Jeffany Yam – South London

Erin Chia – Wherever

Josh Chan – Wonderland & Oxford

Grace Leung* – Summit

Jason Tam** – Wherever

Gavin Chan – Coming up from south end

*is leaving early for ACF ~6:15
**is giving rides FROM ACF


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