ACF Christmas Potluck!

It’s the end of classes, CELEBRATE…

What: ACF Christmas Potluck

When: The last day of classes: Wednesday, Dec. 9! @ 6:45 PM

Where: St. Luke’s Church (click here for map)*

How: Bring food, an empty stomach, a heart ready for fellowship and voices for carols!

* Yes, it’s walkable from campus! Just exit the Richmond Gates, walk north a bit on Richmond Street and it will be on your right hand side!

Some more details:

1.    Shuttles – If individuals who were shuttles before could continue to help out in this regard, that would be great! If you won’t be able to help out this time around, please let us know so we can take your name off the driver’s list** listed below. Again, please contact drivers yourselves and arrange a time to meet with them.
2.    Food suggestions – Need ideas of what to bring? Well here are some: drinks, fried rice, lasagna, 8 pound ham…and if you are a FROSH, feel free to come empty handed or buy something tasty from the cafeteria to share with all of us…some upper years miss that cafeteria goodness ;).
3.    Donations – we will be taking donations for two occasions: Christmas Once Again (refer to previous e-mail for more information) and St. Luke’s Church for allowing us to use their building. Please give cheerfully if you choose to; proceeds will go directly to the recipients!

This will be the last ACF event before the exam period, so we really hope to see you all there! We encourage all of you to continue meeting in Koin Groups (study group maybe?) and we’ll still have our prayer meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. See you all on Wednesday!

** Driver List:

Nick Hung – Masonville Area /
 / 519-668-8168
Jeffany Yam – South London
 / 519-455-2637
Erin Chia – Wherever
 / 519-697-5840
Josh Chan – Wonderland & Oxford / / 
Grace Leung – Summit /
 / 519-902-0307
Jason Tam – Wherever /
 / 519-860-6801
Gavin Chan – Coming up from south end /


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