Welcome to 2010!…and the first ACF back!

Hey friends!
Welcome to the year of 2010! Thank God for his continued faithfulness to us as we venture to experience fellowship in His Spirit together throughout this last half of the year. We know that God will be glorified as we become more unified in doing His purposes. Here’s a quick update of things to look forward to:
1) This Friday!
This Friday will be a “Refresher/Sharing/Prayer” night, and essentially, it’s a time for us to revisit some of the things we learned from first semester, as well as to address some of the concerns you had when you filled out the feedback form at a previous ACF. We want to be intentional with you all, and address some of the issues people have about our fellowship and how we can work to glorify God by improving on these things together. We’ll finish off the night with a time of sharing and prayer in small groups so you can all catch up with each other and start this year off praying for each other! Like always, we’ll be meeting the same time at the same place: 7 PM @ B&GS 0153.

2) ACF Retreat
ACF Winter Retreat is coming up REAL quick! It is the weekend of January 29-31st, and the details are the same as last time. We will be receiving 2 forms to send out to you as soon as possible, and if you could return those forms as soon as possible, that would be great. The cost again, is $85.00 (same as last time) and you will only be considered registered if you hand both forms and money in. The forms were e-mailed out in the past week, if you did not receive them but would like to, please e-mail us! More information to come.

Thanks! We’ll see you all soontime!

Your friends and servants on exec,
Adrian, Brian, Hikari, Jen, Jess, Matt & Tiff


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