Feb 26/10: Spiritual Warfare & ARK AID on FEB 25!

Hi everybody!

Just wanted to let you know what was going on this Friday. We will be having two speakers, Brian and Angela, to come in and speak on the topic of spiritual warfare. There will be a period for questions and answers, so bring any questions you think are relevant and we’ll see you all at the same place, same time: 7:00 PM @ the Biological and Geological Sciences Building.


This is an important reminder that we will be going down to Ark Aid this Thursday, February 25th to start up a prayer ministry there as well as to help clean up and interact with the individuals there. We hope to arrive there at 6:30 for a chance to meet some of the individuals beforehand and get some prayer requests from them. Please e-mail Hikari if you are interested: hikari.ishimura@gmail.com and she will give more instructions as to how to get there, etc. Also, Uncle Stephen will be giving rides for up to 4 people; you can contact him at: kw.stephen@gmail.com

Thanks! See you all on Friday!


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