ACF: Elections Night!

Hey everybody,

Check out the message from Nominations Committee:

Going on this Friday night will be the ACF Elections for the Executive Committee of 2010-2011. We hope you’ve had time to read the vision statements of each nominee in the running. If you haven’t done so, we encourage you to please do so such that on the night of the Election, you can make an informed decision. Again, please be in prayer for the elections and to prepare relevant questions if you have any. The night will be long, but we will try to moderate it as best we can. The meeting will be held at the same place and time: B&GS 0153 at 7:00PM!

We understand the pictures didn’t quite attach properly last time. If you are wondering who is who, we’ve attached a ZIP file with the pictures of all the candidates. Sorry about the complications. We have some other important notes:

1.    For the elections procedure to ensue, we must have 2/3 of the entire ACF membership available and voting (this includes individuals who vote online).
2.    If you are unable to be there this Friday, please send in your vote to: before Friday at 4:00PM. Your votes will be tallied with the votes from the night of.
3.    We ask that individuals who do not consider them truly a part of ACF (ie: maybe you are a paid member but have not shown up, etc.) should not feel obliged and are encouraged not to vote. We trust that God will guide you in this manner and we are operating on an honour system for this aspect of the night.
4.    NOMINEES: Please meet at the ACF room at 6:00 for a time of prayer. Also note that you will have a total of 8 minutes, 4 minutes for a quick speech and 4 minutes for a Q&A period. The time allotment will be strictly enforced due to the long night.
5.    Numerical results will be kept confidential but the elected members will be announced at the end of the night.
6.    Again the nominees are:
President: Adrian Wu
VP Internal: Matthew Chin-Yee
VP Finance: Wendy L
VP External: Abby Hum
VP Men’s Devos: Sam Hong, Wesley Lai
VP Women’s Devos: Emily Yung, Emily Mau
VP Worship: Stephen Choy, Jonathan Tay

-Nominations Committee 09-10

That’s all! See you all on Friday!

Your friends and servants on exec,

Adrian, Brian, Hikari, Jen, Jess, Matt, Tiff


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