Bible Study: Ephesians 4

Hey ACF!
This week we’re going to be having our last official Bible Study of the school year! :(:(:(, Yes, we know you’re all sad, but that’s why we HIGHLY encourage all of you to come out and be edified by the truth! In particular, the message from this Bible Study of Ephesians 4 on “Unity,” is extremely important for all of us to hear and soak in. Seeing that this Bible Study is on unity, it’d be great to see most of you come out, even though it’s crunch time for many. As you’ve guessed it, it’s the same time and place: 7:00PM @ B&GS 0153!

If you have not heard already, congratulations to the new executive for the school year of 2010-2011! The individuals on the team are as follows:
President – Adrian Wu
VP Internal – Matt Chin-Yee
VP External – Abby Hum
VP Finance – Wendy Liu
VP Worship – Stephen Choy
VP Men’s Devotional – Wesley Lai
VP Women’s Devotional – Emily Mau
Let’s continue to be in prayer for them as they begin to plan for the upcoming year! That’s all folks, see you on Friday!
Your friends & servants on exec,
Adrian, Brian, Hikari, Jen, Jess, Matt, Tiff

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