Mar 26/2010 – LAST ACF: Deinitiation!

Hi everyone,

Sadly to announce, this will be the last ACF official gathering of the school year save the ACF Banquet (mentioned below). To celebrate a year of God’s faithfulness, growth in unity and maturity and experiencing the joys of supporting one another, we’re going to throw a party to “de-initiate” the grads. What does that exactly entail? Last year it involved eggs, garbage bags, mysetry condiments and balloon popping…it could be anything this year, so you’re just going to have to come find out! We’ll be meeting at the same time and place: 7:00PM @ B&GS 0153!

The following are some important announcements:
1.    UNITY PRAYER – March 25th, 2010 at the ACF Room (B&GS 0153) at 7:00PM. This event will be replacing the normal ACF Prayer Meetings for this Thursday and it will be a time to mingle and pray with Christians from other fellowships on campus. If you require more information, feel free to contact Chris Wong:
2.    Frosh Cell Applications – This is a reminder that the Frosh Cell Applications for the school year of 2010-2011 will be due this Friday March 26th. Please continue to be in prayer about whether the God wants you to serve in this ministry.If the Lord is calling you, submit your application ASAP! Thanks!
3.    ACF Banquet – You should already have received an e-mail from the new exec regarding information for the annual ACF Banquet held on April 9th; stay tuned for more announcements coming this Friday and via e-mail!
4.    Ark Aid – If you are interested in helping out at Ark Aid next Thursday April 1st, please contact Hikari Ishimura at:

Praying that everyone will continue to do their best and finish this year strong! Remember that there are still plenty of times to fellowship and build each other up outside of the organized Friday nights!

As well check the “Community News” Page for updates!

Your friends and servants,

Adrian, Brian, Hikari, Jen, Jess, Matt, Tiff


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