Friday Meet: Retreat Business

Thanks so much for coming out to our event on Friday night, a packed room once again, God really has more blessings for us than we can imagine.
During Jesse’s sharing, he had invited people to raise their hand if they felt compelled by the message and wanted to accept Jesus, be part of his kingdom moving here on earth, or to simply be willing to learn more about this Jesus that ACF is all about.

As your exec team, we really encourage those who made that step to talk about it with whoever brought them to ACF, an exec member, a counsellor, a pastor, anyone they are comfortable with talking to who they know they can trust.

We want to let you know that our email is always open for if you have any questions. God does call out to us, many times when you least expect it, but it’s truly amazing and not an opportunity to pass up.
So with some initiative, the road ahead is full of more to learn and experience, we promise you =)

Otherwise, please note that this Friday there will be no regular fellowship meeting, like Wendy said, “all the cool kids be poppin them collars at Fall Retreat”. As well, the next Friday after is Thanksgiving holiday so again, no meeting. If you’re still missing your emergency form, we wont let you onto the bus without it!


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