Friday Meet: Battle of the Years

It’s going to be a night of fun, games, and you will be so glad you came once you step through the door.
Note: your CRC team recommends wearing layers… please oblige

In other news:

  • Koin group signups will be finalized this Friday, we will have a laptop setup where you can write down your availability, contact info, and also whether or not you are interested in being a leader
  • ACF is getting larger and we can’t possibly get to know every single one of you to the depth that makes us the best brothers and sisters to nurture one another, but within koin groups that’s where the bonds are made. If you’re still unsure, just remember that it’s a small portion of your week (how much time do you spend on facebook? Haha) to meet with a small group of people who are going to grow so much over the year with you.
  • Also, Thursday continues to be prayer meeting time, we keep having excellent turnout and it’s making your exec team quite joyous.

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