Friday Meet: Bible Studs

The usual place, excellent Bible Study awaits.
Announcements (please read):

  • ACF Shirts – Friday is the last time to get a shirt if you emailed, after this, they will be available to anyone who pays $15 and we know who ordered by email so please bring $15!
  • Winter Retreat – signups are happening until this Friday from 10 AM to 4 PM at Einsteins, please fill out the forms available HERE and bring $85 asap! There is a cap so please get in soon!
  • Feedback – our exec continue to be open to hearing from you, so feel free to email us anytime or talk to us in person =)
  • InterVarsity Christian Fellowship drama performance – IVCF is doing an original drama titled “Balls: (un)learning to juggle” on Sunday Jan 23, 8:00 PM @ the Wave. Attend for a drama about what we juggle in life and what God desires in His kingdom, it’s $5 at the door!

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