A Thank You Letter (super delayed, our apologies!)

Hello friends!

Back when we finished our skills auction, we gave the donation to Ark Aid and received a really kind letter that we would like to share with you. We hope that you are enjoying this blessed summer, and that you are growing in Christ-likedness and giving glory to God every day!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all you have contributed to the Ark during this academic year. Your generous donation of $1036 tops off a great year of serving here. We appreciate your desire to serve and willingness to come down on several occasions to help with the evening meal. It is always great to see young people, especially busy students, take time to make a difference for others.

Please convey to the whole group our appreciation and assure them they have made a significant contribution to people in need. We trust all goes well with the exam season and everyone has a great summer. We look forward to seeing you back again in the fall.



Douglas Whitelaw

Executive Director


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