Friday: Couch Hop! (All New)

A quick rundown for ya. This is the email that went out today:

GENERAL MEET, THIS FRIDAY (November 2, B&GS 0153, 7 PM)
Do not be late. Seriously. There has been some easily avoidable lateness this year and we ain’t waiting around anymore!
Meet at our regular spot (ON TIME, AT 7) and we’ll head down together to Western Pines for a night of getting to know each other better while spending time together focusing on God. Fun times await, mark your calendar, set a phone alert, do what you gotta do to get to B&GS on time (coming early is never wrong, there’s lots of people to hang with haha)
If you are going straight to Western Pines without coming by B&GS, you still need to be allocated to a group! Go to House 39 at 7 PM to see Gerry and he’ll take care of you.

CAMPUS DOOR MINISTRY, TOMORROW (November 1, Mustang Lounge, 7:30 AM – get your butt out of bed!)
If you want to get more practical about sharing the good news on campus, this is perfect for you. Come, even if you are afraid :) Come.

PRAYER MEET, TOMORROW (November 1, UCC66, 5-6 PM)
Prayer is sooo key.

DANCE MINISTRY, THIS SUNDAY (November 4, UCC Bookstore, 4 PM)
Got rescheduled from last week. Watch this if you don’t know what this is all about:

Will reschedule once the rain clears.

WORSHIP CELL, NEXT WEDNESDAY (November 7, Western Pines Unit 28, 7 PM)
If you would like to get exclusive Worship Cell emails, please tell us (


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