Announcement: Frosh Connexion (1.0 & 2.0)!

As we move on to the last month before school starts again, the annual Frosh Connexion hosted by AFC (Ambassadors for Christ) is quickly approaching on August 13th!

This year we have decided to address the concerns of some of last year’s frosh (who felt a little bit outnumbered and intimidated by the number of upper years) by humbly asking that anyone who is not a frosh cell leader refrain from signing up.

But please keep FX in your prayers: that the frosh would feel welcomed and their hearts be opened to the Gospel.

BUT WAIT, since we know your love for them is overflowing, we are currently trying to organize a FX 2.0 of our own just for the Western frosh. It will likely be a potluck  at someone’s house (upper years bring food; free for the frosh) where we will gather to fellowship and pray for the frosh before the school year begins. The details of this are TBD, so look forward to the updates!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact any one of the execs and we’d be happy to talk, pray, or chill !


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