THIS WEEK: Bible Study, Project 153, FC, PM!

Bible Study

A Study on the Doctrine of Hell
When: Friday February 7th at 7PM
Where: B&GS 153
We will be focusing on what Jesus and the Bible says about Hell (its purpose, what it is, what happens there, who goes there, etc.) as well as touch on some popular myths about Hell.

Prayer Meeting

When: Thursday January 30th @ 5:30PM
Where: Somerville House 3305

Project 153

When: Wednesday February 5th @ 8AM
Where: UCC 2nd Floor

Frosh Cell

Third Years cook for the Frosh!
When: Wednesday February 5th @ 7PM
Where: Aaron Leung’s House (see facebook group for details)

Upcoming Events: (Mark your calendars!)

Elections (for 2014-2015)
Start praying and asking God whether or not He may be calling you to a leadership role next year!
Please also pray for anyone whom you may want to nominate for the different roles.
Visit the “HELP SERVE” tab at the top to look at a summary of the different roles on exec that you may serve in.

When: Sunday, March 9th
Where: Mustang Lounge
Start thinking of performances/acts! Past presentations included: dance choreography to Christian rap, testimonies accompanying christian pop song performance.


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