Praise and Prayer

This Friday’s general meeting will be Praise & Prayer. It’ll be at the usual time and place, 7pm at B&GS 153.
We haven’t had a general meeting in a while, so we hope to see you all there so we can worship our God together and spend some time praying for each other too. Come on out!

Also this week:

Project 153
Tuesday @8am UCC 2nd Floor
What better way to start of this shortened week in fellowship with some of our brothers and sisters, sharing and praying for each other?

Frosh Cell
Tuesday @7pm B&GS Rm1056
Frosh cell will be having a worship night and also some fun with sword drills! So please remember to bring your Bibles – preferably paperback. Please join us :)

Prayer Meeting
Thursday @5:30pm UCC Rm 53
If you haven’t been to prayer meeting before, we encourage you to join us. We want to pray with you and for you!